Rowdy Rabouw

Hi! I'm Rowdy.

I'm a freelance web developer, senior DevOps engineer and international tech speaker with 25 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Currently, I'm a Front-End Focused Senior DevOps Engineer working on Vue.js and Node.js projects at Dutch insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden with special attention for accessibility.

I love watching superhero movies and Formula One races and enjoy riding on my mountain bike to unwind.

Upcoming Events (5)

  1. WebExpo Extending HTML with Web Components April 20, 2023Prague, Czech Republic
  2. Neos Conference Offline first! April 27-28, 2023Berlin, Germany
  3. enterJS Beats in the Browser - Coding Music with JavaScript June 21-22, 2023Darmstadt, Germany
  4. Digitalist (in-company) A web for anyone, anywhere, anytime September 5, 2023 Online
  5. JSDayIE Beats in the Browser - Coding Music with JavaScript September 26, 2023