Rowdy Rabouw

Hi! I'm Rowdy.

I'm a freelance web and app developer, senior DevOps engineer and international tech speaker with over 20 years of experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Currently, I work on various Vue.js, Node.js and NativeScript projects at Dutch insurance company Nationale-Nederlanden. I'm also a Progress Developer Expert for NativeScript.

Upcoming Events ( 8 )

  1. Dev Days Europe PWA Fundamentals: Websites with Superpowers May 6, 2020 Vilnius, Lithuania
  2. Dutch PHP Conference Modern E2E testing with Cypress June 26, 2020 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  3. to be confirmed TBA July 4, 2020 Ukraine
  4. to be announced Browser APIs: the unknown Super Heroes August 14, 2020 United States of America
  5. Internatonal JavaScript Conference Browser APIs: the unknown Super Heroes September 4, 2020 London, United Kingdom
  6. to be announced What The Form? September 14, 2020 The Netherlands
  7. to be confirmed TBA October 18, 2020 Bulgaria
  8. to be announced JavaScript & Music November 20, 2020 United Kingdom