Dutch PHP Conference

June 9, 2018
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Unleash your web skills on native!

Did you know you can use your knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build truly native apps for iOS and Android with NativeScript?

I’ll explain what NativeScript is, how it compares to other frameworks and demo how easy and fun it is to get started and how to make use of native capabilities.

Do you want to build your own personal assistant like Siri? I'll show you how!



Download high resolution slides PDF (14.7 MB, 129 pages)

Comments on joind.in

https://joind.in/event/dutch-php-conference-2018/unleash-your-web-skills-on-native Marieke Bednarczyk
I liked your talk! You make it look very doable to go and build a native app with NativeScript. Nice demo with the little robot. :-) Thomas Berends
Great talk and a great introduction of Nativescript. Exactly what I hoped to get out of this talk and I got it. Great starting point for me to make my first app. A R S
Pretty good introduction to the possibilities of NativeScript for building apps. I have one suggestion: give us a deeper look into a fully fledged app, like the robot one. In my opinion, the time spent explaining what components there are, how to use the colour schemes, the scrollbar controlled background-music-app, etc. could have been replaced with a short demo and then 'RTFM'. This would have left more time to focus on the more interesting parts. Richard Hoogstad
Liked the talk a lot and it looked really easy to develop an app. This might be a preference but for me the video's with sound sort of got me out of the flow of the talk. Animated gifs or just simple pictures might make it a little bit less unobtrusive. Kenneth Schabrechts
It got me triggered to look into NativeScript so job well done! I also like superheroes so I'm a big fan of the slides. Content-wise, I think we might have gone a bit faster over the color themes, and stuff like that and go deeper into the demo with the little robot. But of course that is personal preference. Great job! Jochem Fuchs
Nice talk! Definitely going to try out Nativescript. J.D.Mutsaerts
Bringin in robots is always a good idea. I had a question lingering throughout your talk, but no time for Q&A and it wasn't addressed. The question was triggered by lack of comparisons between solutions. "Don't like/know ReactNative" was a little weak, during the talk I couldn't figure out what's the difference since syntax look very similair and the audience doesn't know NativeScript either. Nevertheless you made me want to checkout NativeScript, so good job! Steve Winter
Well structured session. Clear examples. Good explanations. I get that you like super hero movies Rowdy, but in this session the context got in the way of the content somewhat. Liked the demo with the robot at the end!